RANGE 1050/1850
EXTRUDED : 105x215mm

Field of application

The tiles of the 1050/1850 range, made of vitrified stoneware, are composed of selected raw materials (including clay) to obtain a paste, which is stretched through a die giving it its profile, then fired at high temperature.

Thanks to their high resistance to chemical products (acids, bases…), their mechanical resistances (shock resistance, resistance to wear by rolling, resistance to punching…), the 1050/1850 extruded tiles are conceived for the realization of industrial coverings for floor and wall in strongly solicited areas. They are particularly suitable for production areas in the food industry (dairies, cheese factories, wine industries, breweries, fruit juices, water, bakeries, industrial pastry shops, flavour manufacturers) as well as for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The low water absorption of ceramic tiles also makes them highly resistant to stains, for easier floor maintenance.

To maximize the life of your tile floorings, we recommend the use of our complete range of antacid mortars, adhesive mortar FB67 or FB30, grout mortar FB60 or FB30 or OS1500, expansion FB50… specially designed to fulfill your needs.

The extruded range

The 1050/1850 extruded tiles are available in Yellow color and with two surface aspects: smooth (R10) and anti-slip (R11).  

Size Thicknesses 1050 – Surface R10
105 x 215 mm 12 mm
18 mm
Size Thicknesses 1850 – Surface R11
105 x 215 mm 12 mm
18 mm

Accessories: Coved skirtings and angles

Be careful, the K100 coved skirting and angles have changed their size in 2021! The depth of the coved skirting is reduced from 43mm to 35mm, the size of the internals and externals angles is also changed accordingly. 
The new sizes (coved skirting and angles with 35mm depth) are not compatible with the old sizes (coved skirting and angles with 43mm depth).  Contact us for more information.

Coved skirting 1055K100 with internal angle 1058K100 and external angle 1038K100.