Epoxy Resurfacing


The application of our tile flooring (thin set mortar installation) or DFPOX resin flooring requires a perfectly flat, straight and trowelled sur-face (tolerance of ± 2 mm on a 2 m rule). Slopes must be provided during installation of the flooring. If the specifications (tolerances, flat-ness of the substrate and slopes) are not acceptable, the floor must be levelled before installation.

Our floor resurfacing kit, based on epoxy resin, is an anti-acid mortar perfectly adapted to this use. It consists of three components: resin, hardener and filler. The time required to put it back into service is very short (12 to 24 hours).

The RESURFACING is designed to make up for industrial floors exposed to high mechanical and chemical stress. It is applied on rough concrete surfaces. It allows to carry out resurfacing without any thickness limit, in a single pass, and to obtain a regular surface compatible with floor coverings such as: tiles and EPOXY resin flooring. It can also be used to create small slope shapes.


Kit resurfacing Sales unit
1 Pc Resin FB67 Per box of 10.80 kg with :
3 Pcs Resins + 3 Pcs Hardeners
1 Pc Hardener FB67
1 Pc Filler Resurfacing Per Pc of 25 kg 

Color: SAND


The film is used to make formwork for e.g. RESURFACING mortar bases. The plastic film does not adhere to the RESURFACING mortar and can be removed very easily wi-thout the use of release agents. 

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