Grout mortar FB60


FB60 is designed for grouting ceramic tiles (floors and walls) where high resistance to mechanical and chemical attack is required. It is suitable for floor coverings in damp rooms that require frequent cleaning and where there is a high level of wear and tear. Example: dairies, cheese dairies, breweries, fruit juices, ready meals, kitchens, slaughterhouses, salting plants, canning plants, vegetable factories, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics…

The FB60 also represents the ideal solution for countertops in industrial kitchens, laboratory benches, etc… for which a resistant, non-absorbent and easy to maintain mortar is required.

The FB60 has been specially formulated for quick and easy installation and cleaning. Once the joint is dry, it presents a smooth, non-absorbent and easy to maintain surface.

FB60 has a very good resistance to wear, acids and detergents. It also allows the floor to be cleaned with a high pressure jet.

NEW   —     It also meets EXCELL+ label requirements and can be used in the wine industry    —      NEW

Grout mortar FB60
Water emulsifiable epoxy antiacid grout mortar
Antiacid grout mortar: class RG according the standard EN 13888

*Information on the level of emissions of volatile substances in indoor air, presenting a risk of inhalation toxicity, on a class scale from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions).


KIT FB60 – Box Sales unit
1 Pc Resin FB60 Per box of 20.00 kg with:
4 Pcs Resins + 4 Pcs Filler
1 Pc Filler FB60
KIT FB60 – Bucket Sales unit
1 Pc Resin FB60 Per bucket of 12.5 kg with:
1 Pc Resins + 1 Pc Filler
1 Pc Filler FB60
+ Filler for wall (Optional) Sales unit
Filler for wall or filler
or the dosage of this component, please refer to the technical data sheet
Per bag of 10 kg



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