Universal Thixotropant


The universal thixotropant  comes in the form of a white / beige powder. It is a rheological agent which, among other things, increases the viscosity of epoxy systems. Use is particularly recommended with hot weather. Compared to a fumed silica, the universal thixotropant offers better resistance to sedimentation, better rheology control and better stability. It is more effective and easier to handle on site:

  • less dusty and volatile: easier to weight and incorporate
  • higher density: 38% less volume for the same mass.
  • not sensitive to shear: unlike fumed silica, conservation of the viscosity even after too strong shear stress.
  • easily dispersible: no need high shear disperser to incorporate it, a worksite mixer is sufficient.

The universal thixotropant is compatible with all epoxy systems. It can be use with the follow Höganäs products : Primer FB67; Primer H ; Adhe-sive mortar FB67 ; Grout joint FB60 ; DF POX ; FB30 mortar.


Universal Thixotropant
For the dosage of this component, please refer to the technical data sheet
Per bucket of 2.00 kg