Höganäs Céramiques France has always attached a great importance to the laying quantity of our products, guarantee of longevity over time.

That is why in France, we work in partnership with several applicators, specifically trained to layed our products. Our commercial team also possesses a big technical knowledge to bring you our expertise at every level your project. We also provide you with a set of technical documentations dedicated to our systems of laying, to allow the realization of supports of high qualities.

In the case of the more distant country, Höganäs Céramiques France supports you by providing a technical support on construction site. An expert will participate on the spot in the start of the laying grounds. It consists of the training of local staff :

  • In the state of surface of the concrete necessary for a good quality of laying
  • In the application and the use of the adhesives and grout join in reactive resins
  • In the method of laying
  • To the organization of the work
  • In the selection of the most adapted local tools
  • The safety of the applicators


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