Range COLOR glazed

Field of application

COLOR tiles are made from selected clays that turn white when fired and are pressed or extruded (depending on size).

The impact resistance of COLOR 12.5/7.5, Color 12.5/10 and Color 20/6 tiles makes them ideal for the food industry, industrial kitchens and sanitary facilities. The specific properties of these three references make this coating suitable for areas exposed to severe conditions (e.g. facades, refrigeration rooms).

COLOR 12.5/7.5, Color 12.5/10, Color 20/6 and Color20/7.5 tiles are also suitable for wall coverings in private homes: kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms…

To maximize the life of your tile coverings, we recommend the use of our complete range of antacid mortars (Primers, adhesive mortar FB67 or FB30, grout mortar FB60 or FB30, expansion joint FB50…) specially designed to fulfill your needs.


The range

COLOR tiles are available in white matte, white gloss or satin (depending on size). For the Colors 20/6 and 20.75, other colors are available on order (with minimum order).

Model Size Thicknesses Colors
Color 12.5 244×119 mm 7.5 mm
Color 12.5 240×115 mm 10 mm
Color 20 200×200 mm 6 mm
Others colors availables on request
Color 20 7.5 mm
Others colors availables on request

Color 12.5/7.5, Color 12.5/10 and Color 20/6 tiles are frost resistant, while Color 20/7.5 tiles should not be installed outdoors. 

Frost resistant tiles

Accessories: Coved skirtings and angles



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