For a resistance of joint to various thermal and chemical attacks 
Antiacid grout mortar, fractionizing joint for ceramic flooring, adjuvant for cement mortar

FB 60

Water-cleanable epoxy antiacid grout mortar

FB60 is design to filling joint between ceramic tiles  (floors and walls) where high mechanical and chemical resistance is required as laboratories, and warehouses of storage of chemicals.

FB-60-It also can be use in moist area which required regular cleaning and where the usury is very significant. For example : dairies, cheese dairies, breweries, fruit juices industries, kitchens, slaughterhouses, canneries, vegetables industries, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics industries,….

Moreover FB60 can be used for industrial kitchen counter, for laboratory bench, ….everywhere a strong, non-absorbent and easy to clean mortar is needed.

FB60 has been espacially composed for an easy clean and use.

Available colors : beige, grey, black


Kit in cardboard  Resin + Filler   20 kg
Kit in bucket  Resin + Filler 12,5 kg

OS 1500

Polyester antiacid grout mortar

OS 1500 is design to filling joint between ceramic tiles where extreme mechanical and chemical resistance is required. 

hoganas-mortier-jointIndeed, OS 1500 resist to temperature going to 120°C. It has also a very good resistance to concentrate acids and to oxidizing agents.

When OS 1500 is fully cured, it presents a smooth and non-absorbent surface. Setting of OS 1500 requires the use of a protecting layer on tiles.

Available color : cream


Componant A Resin   5.00  kg
 Componant B Hardener   0.10 kg
 Componant C Filler   14.40  kg

FB 50

Polyurethane fractionizing mortar for ceramic flooring

FB 50 is a flexible mortar, based of polyurethane, used for created fractionizing joint in all kind of ceramic flooring exposed to thermal and chemical attacks.

FB-50Fractionizing joint cut and limits the strength (shear) which can appear in a ceramic flooring construction because of thermal dilations, shrinkage of the laying mortar or movement into the concrete structure.

FB50 is specially formulated to absorb these dilatations while keeping a sufficient rigidity to avoid the destruction and the deterioration of tiles close to the joint.

Available color : grey


Kit   Resin + Hardener  3 kg

FB 8

Adjuvant for cement mortar

FB 8 is an additive for laying and grouting mortar based on polymer in dispersion. The addition of FB 8 improves the physical resistance and the elasticity of mortars cements. The FB 8 is recommended in the case of floor exposed to heavy or intense traffic, to a warm water and/or to vibrations.

So, the FB 8 gives to the mortar based on cement the following qualities:

– an improvement of the ceramic tiles adhesion,
– a reduction of porosity,
– a best resistance to moderate chemicals attacks,
– an improvement of the rupture modulus,
– an improvement of compression resistance.

Please note that the addition of FB 8 confers on the cement mortar a certain resistance to the attacks of chemicals, however this solution cannot be compared with antiacid products as FB60 or OS 1500.


Can   polymer dispersion      10 L

Theirs products are only for professional and must be used by qualified people.

For more informations on our products, contact us.

Theirs products are only for professional and must be used by qualified people.

For more informations on our products, contact us.