Range Keradur Technica.S pressed

Field of application

The KERADUR / TECHNICA.S range of full body vitrified stoneware tiles are made of selected raw materials (including clay) to obtain a powder that is pressed under high pressure in steel molds, then fired at high temperature. This method of manufacture gives the tiles a great dimensional stability. 

Thanks to their mechanical characteristics and their resistance to chemical products (acids, bases…), KERADUR / TECHNICA.S tiles are ideal for use in locker rooms, sanitary facilities, corridors or any other production room. The low water absorption of ceramic tiles also makes them highly resistant to stains, for easier floor maintenance.

To maximize the life of your tile coverings, we recommend the use of our complete range of antacid mortars (primers, adhesive mortar FB67 or FB30, grout mortar FB60 or FB30 or OS1500, expansion joint FB50…) specially designed to fulfill your needs.



KERADUR / TECHNICA.S tiles are available in four colors (depending on size): white mix, Bahia, grey mix, cream mix. And with two surface aspects: smooth (R10) and anti-slip (R11).  

Size Thicknesses KERADUR Surface R10
200×200 mm 8.5 mm
300×300 mm 8.5 mm   
300×300 mm 14 mm

Accessories: Coved skirtings and angles

KERADUR TECHNICA.S tiles can be combined with two coved skirtings depending on the tile size.  

Coved skirting 605 with internal angle 658 and external angle 638 for the sizes 150×150 mm.

 For more information on our products, consult ourTechnical Data Sheets.